Early Stage Breast Cancer, Persistent Coughing

Incredibly Quick Relief From Sore Throat and Fever

For other people, quick relief from sore throat and coughing may be common, but for me, it is a real pleasant surprise.

Incredibly Quick Relief From Sore Throat and Fever
Lim Yih Ching Malaysia

At 3am on September 23, 2021 (Thursday), I was rudely awakened by a sore throat that cut like a knife. My body was cold, my whole body was shaking very badly, and I was worried that I might be infected with COVID-19.  I remembered that the consultant Hai Yan shared her experience in COVID-19 treatment during the last cancer treatment course. I immediately got up and drank 60ml of the Chinese medicine E18, turned off the air conditioner, got my husband move to the next room to sleep, and started self-isolation. When I woke up at 5am, my sore throat almost disappeared, and there was no coughing or shaking.

Took 60ml of E18 at 8:30am.

Body temperature was 36.9 degrees at 11:15am.

Did a self-test for COVID-19 at 11:30am. The result was negative.

Body temperature was 37.9 degrees at 2pm.

Took 60ml of E18 at 3pm.

Body temperature dropped to 36.6 degrees at 6:30pm.

September 24 (Friday)

Body temperature was 36.7 degrees at 6am.

Took 60ml of E18 at 6:15am.

Did a PCR test for COVID-19 at 10am. The result was negative.

I felt a lot better when the PCR test turned up negative. However, I continued taking 60ml of the Chinese medicine E18 every 6 hours for 3 days, and there was no sore throat or coughing. After 3 days, I continued taking 20ml of E18 every day as usual for healthcare purpose.


Looking back on the medical history, it was TXL and E18 that got rid of the coughing

For other people, quick relief from sore throat and coughing may be common, but for me, it is a real pleasant surprise.

I used to be the head nurse in the dental department of a government hospital but retired in 2011. I had long-term problems with my ears, nose and throat, and frequent dry cough. Since I was young, my body has been relatively weak. Every time a colleague caught a cold, I would be infected, and come down with a cold and coughing the next day. Every time I caught a cold or flu, I would always cough very hard, and for a long time, about a month to three months.

I remember when I was about 23, I often had coughing problem when I was having training in Penang. Each coughing spell would last for 1 to 3 months. Every time I saw the doctor, I had to test my sputum, take X-Ray, and do a tuberculosis (TB) test. The doctor thought that it was tuberculosis (TB) or asthma, but it was not. It was more like whooping cough. I took X-Ray for the very first time in Penang General Hospital in 1979. From the time I started working to my retirement, severe cough had occurred 3 or 4 times. I would contract a lot of cold, fever, cough and flu every year, and I had to take sick leave often until my retirement in 2011.

In retrospect, all these conditions did not happen after I started taking TXL in 2012 for breast cancer. It felt so incredible all of a sudden. But when I think about it seriously, I should not be amazed, simply because TXL can really bring out such a miraculous effect. I know for sure that TXL has helped me a lot.

In May 2012, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer.  A 1.6cm X 2cm tumor was surgically removed. The attending doctor said that it was only in the early stage and did not require chemotherapy and electrotherapy, and just gave me some oral medicine. Mr. Chong told me not to worry too much about it since it was in the early stage, and I could take TXL to help myself. So I stopped Western medicine and started taking TXL to reduce the risk of recurrence, and I have been well until now. In 2020, Tombo Health Consultant Hai Yan recommended to me the new generation of Chinese medicine E18 developed by TXL Group, and I started taking it for healthcare and cancer prevention.

This time round, severe sore throat does not hurt so badly, and there is no coughing. This is something that has never happened before, so I am very happy. I am very grateful to E18, and to Tombo for bringing E18 to Malaysia. I want to thank my second uncle Mr. Chong because he is the one who got me started on TXL and E18. While preventing the recurrence of cancer, it also nurses my body and solves my long-term coughing problem. It is a pleasant surprise recently discovered, for which I am eternally grateful.


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