Breast Cancer

Timely use of E18 During Breast Cancer Radiotherapy

Timely use of E18 during breast cancer radiotherapy, smooth recovery and continue taking E18 to reduce the risk of relapse and live with peace of mind!

Timely use of E18 During Breast Cancer Radiotherapy
Tok Mee Lie Malaysia

In November 2018, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. The doctor advised me to remove the tumour surgically, but I did not want to have surgery or undergo any treatment at that time. 

In May 2020, finding the tumour in the lymph node under my armpit getting bigger and bigger, turning into the size of an egg, I unwillingly accepted the doctor's suggestion to surgically remove the tumour. The biopsy showed that the tumour was already in stage 3. They gave me 6 chemotherapy sessions. The first chemo injection gave me side effects, and I vomited all the time. With the 3rd dose, I began to suffer from mouth ulcers, sore throat, mild fever etc.               

I completed chemo in October 2020. At that time, my family found the scientific research Chinese medicinal compound E18 for me. I started taking E18 after learning more about the various helpful benefits of E18 from the consultant.               

In November of the same year, I started radiotherapy. During the therapy, I insisted on taking E18 on time at home, 3 times a day, 20ml each time. I successfully completed 15 radiotherapy sessions.

Throughout the treatment, I lived a regular life and got adjusted to a healthy lifestyle, including three meals a day, eating brown rice, avoiding sweet fruits, desserts and drinks as much as possible. I had appropriate exercise and did some household chores at home every day to let the days pass by faster, so that I would not have too much free time to worry about things. I also took E18 every day with complete peace of mind, 3 times a day, 20ml each time.               

The results of the follow-up visits in April and September 2021 were all good. There were only some uncomfortable side effects of chemo and radiotherapy.               

The follow-up blood test report on February 8th 2022 showed that the cancer indices were normal. Everything was fine except for constant thirst that interfered with my sleep at night.               

Generally, the side effects of conventional cancer treatment will make the body weak, but my body, spirit, and appetite have all been good for one and a half year. My body is in good condition, and my family and I are very relieved.               

I am very grateful to my family for getting E18 in time to help me, allowing me to recover faster from the treatment. I know that cancer is complicated and the most important thing is to take good care of myself to prevent a relapse.               

I shall continue to take good care of my daily diet and nutrition, and observe the "five indicators" of my body. At the same time, I shall keep taking E18 to regain good health and live with peace of mind. (E18 short story / 2022.02.22)


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