Can TXL be taken during chemotherapy and radiation?

During periods of fasting, the patient should not take TXL until treatment is completed. Patient should only continue taking TXL under the permission of doctor.

Can TXL be taken after surgery?

Patients may consume TXL after surgical procedures, beginning with a gradual increment of dose schema started 2 weeks (14 days) after operation.

Will it be feasible to drink TXL while fasting?

TXL is categorized as a mild fluid that may cause no harm to the stomach wall so it can be taken while empty stomach. Nonetheless, for those who have gastrointestinal ulcer disease, it is recommende to have small amount of bread or biscuits before drinking Tian Xian Liquid.

What function do the sediments appearing on the bottom of TXL?

Sediments on the bottom of the TXL are in essence precious Chinese herbal medicines, which is the key element of TXL. It is necessary to shake teh bottle well, dissolving these sediments, before drinking.

Why does Tian Xian Liquid taste different at times?

Honey is collected from various location through different seasons. Thus, the concentration of honey would also be a bit different. Therefore, each batch of TXL may have slightly different of taste, while the effectiveness of the product would remain unchanged.

How to adjust the drinking dose of TXL to fit with those who are in the final stage of critical condition?

For those whose affecting critical condition is in the final stage, their physical conditions are generally weak. To avoid excessive physical load to the patients, it is recommended to start with small volume and increase the dose step by step. Alternatively, the dosage can be maintained, but taken by more frequent so that to achieve best effect. For all detailed information regarding taking our products, please contact our consultant.

How should diabetes patients take the TXL?

Recommend taking TXL in small amount, the STXL may be included in a routine. If it can be confirmed as autoimmune type I diabetes, then the STXL should be helpful. For patients with neither autoimmune nor viral diabetes, then it should enhnace exercise and diet control. Diabetes patients should persistently take hypoglycemic agents, monitoring blood sugar and regularly visit hospital for consultation as the right approach, since the ingredients of TXL containing honey.

Can those who are hepatitis type A, B or C carriers take Tian Xian Liquid?

Hepatitis carriers may use it together with Tian Xian Pill No.6. Proper liver function is expected to resume after 3-6 months, while avoiding cirrhosis. Patients with this disease still need to be concerned with daily care and regular check-ups.

For patients affected by cirrhosis, how to take Tian Xian Liquid?

Patients in the initial stage of cirrhosis should take TXL together with Tian Xian Pill No.6 to enhance liver function and prevent pathological changes to the liver. After their physical condition improves, taking TXL alone may be used for the purpose of health perservation.

Has TXL shown any effect on SLE (Systemic Lupus Erthematosus) and AIDS?

The auxiliary efficacy of TXL on SLE and AIDS has not yet been cofirmed by formal clinical trial. Nonetheless, the 2 disease mentioned above are all caused by dysfunction of patient's immune system. Before any specific treatment for cure can be found in the world, TXL can be applied together with other measures for 2-3 months during the critical recovery periods since TXL has already been confirmed to cause very excellent bidirectional immunodulatory effects.

How should the TXL be taken for managing benign cell growth?

For preventing benign hyperplasia causing pathological deterioration, the standard dose should be kept for 3-6 months to prevent pathological change from occuring.

What is the difference between TXL and Tian Xian Pill?

The main function of the TXL is activating the physical actions of active organic compound based on a variety of unique phytochemicals and trace elements chosen to improve patients' physical conditions, such as being inherently acidic, hypoxia, low body temperature and promoting peripheral microcirculation. If a user takes various forms of Tian Xian Pills according to lesion sites, the effect will be even more significant.

How to take Tian Xian Pill for people with dysphagia or elderly?

The contents of the pill/ capsule can also be emptied into and dissolved in water (approximately 20-30 cc). Add a little honey and take as a drink.

If patients have multiple lesions which have already metastasized, how should they organize a route together with applying the Tian Xian Pill?

Long-term chemotherapy and radiotherapy may cause hematopoietic dyfunction. As the patient's physical condition may be relative weak, it is appropriate to use in conjunction with Tian Xian Pill 3. If the spreading occured at multiple sites, then the Tian Xian Pill should be applied at the most recently discovered site or the most uncomfortable site.

Can dialysis patient take Tian Xian serial products?

It is not recommended to take on the day of the dialysis procedure. At all other time should also follow proposed instructions.