Symptoms Application Articles

How to deal with whole body aches and sores?

TXL may active muscels and tendons, facilitating blood circulation, eliminating stoppages in various physical systems defined by the Chinese Medical System as "Effect of Eliminating Pathogenic Factors". During the process of suppressing the growth of abnormal cells, it is very normal to feel tired and or some pain. Drinking more water may increase the amount of urine and promote circulation, resulting in relief in 1-2 weeks.


Is it normal for my body to feel slightly warmer after taking TXL?

To feel your body becoming slightly warmer is quite normal since TXL may facilitate blood circulation. The blood circulation will therefore be promoted within 1 or 2 hours after drinking. Patients may take more water if they experience any discomfort such as a dry throat.

How should patients deal with constipation?

For those with hot body constituency and suffer from costipation, it can be remedied by taking a half of cup of warm water disolved salt. Appropriate intake of enzyme, a high-fiber diet and dairy products such as yogurt are helpful for normal bowel movements and enhancing life functions.

How to deal with diarrhea?

It can be remedied by taking 3-5 slices of ginger with 5-7 jujubes(red dates)/ several pieces of green radish can also be added, boiled as a tea for drinking. Diarrhea will be gradually improved within 3-5 days.

How to deal with chest tightness and chest pain?

TXL may clear blockages in blood vessels, and thus facilitate the blood circulations. If the lesions are in the chest and lungs, it is very normal to feel chest tightness or chest pain. The patient may continue to take TXL, and such symptoms will gradually cease within 10-15 days.

How to deal with hiccups and stomach fever?

This symptom usually happens to the patients, who have chronic gastritis and pepticulcer, when they start the application of Tian Xian Liquid. Improvement may be obtained by drinking red dates and ginger water. Gastritis may also be cured after one course of dosage.

Stomach pain and heartburn occur after taking TXL. Same situation remains even when taking it after meals. Are there any helpful measure?

It may be diluted with warm honey water. Massaging of Zusanli acupuncture points on legs and Xingjian acupuncture points on the feet between the second and third toes before and after taking may relieve discomfort.

Poor appetite and nausea may occur after taking TXL. What should be done?

Taking TXL will not cause poor appetite and nausea. When undertaking chemotherapy or radiotherapy. patients often experience vomiting. nausea, and etc. They may resist the smell of the herbal medicine. You may reduce the amount of TXL and taking it together with equal volume of water until these symptoms become lessen.

Dizziness may occur after taking TXL. What should be done?

Dizziness is mainly due to patient's excessively weak physique. It will be relieved in one week by simply reducing the dosage till patients get used to the medicines. Remember to increase the suggested dosage when the symptom is gone.

Gasp may occur and the heartbeat may become faster after taking TXL. What should be done?

TXL has the effect of accelerating blood circulation. Relief of the symptom may be obtained continuation of dosage. This usually happens to a small group of people with weak heart function. You may simply reduce the amount and increase the frequency of dosage. Heart stimulant is not required.

Blood pressure may rise after taking TXL. What should be done?

TXL has the function of accelerating blood circulation. This is a temporary symptom and will not cause cardiovascular disease. If you are suffering from hypertension, please continue taking the tension-relief medicine.

For those who have gastrointestinal disease, will vomiting or bloody stool may occur after drinking TXL?

Basically, it is rare for the TXL to cause nause and vomiting. Some patient with severe disease may experience nausea or repulsion toward many different kinds of food as a side effect of conventional treatment. It is possible drinking jujube and ginger slice tea to improve the situation. If bloody stool occurs, it is advised to visit hospital to determine the cause of the illness.

How to take TXL when oral ulcer occurs after chemotherapy?

Diluting TXL with same amounts of water and take the diluted medicines slowly. TXL may taken two divided dosage for gradual pain relief and soothing.

How should patients suffering from ascites utilize TXL and its serial products?

Western medical treatment is required to expel the water for serious ascites. Application of TXL, Tian Xian Pill and Suppository will be able to control ascite from developing too fast at the early stage.

How should patients remedy a cough after drinking TXL?

It is possible that TXL is stimulating the throat mucosa and inducing a cough. Blending TXL with a small amount linseed oil or warm lemon honey before direct swallowing should be helpful.