Symptoms Application Articles

How do we identify whether it is allergy or detoxification reaction as skin itches after drinking TXL?

If the patient's appetite, sleep, defecation, body temperature improved, then it can be confirmed as detoxification reaction. Otherwise, it should be identified as allergy or deterioration. It is advised the patient drink more fluids and take more rest, as well as smear an appropriate amount of wheat germ oil on affected sites. However, stop application immediately if an allergy or deterioration is identified.

How should we deal with a cold?

During a flu epidemic or when patients and their relatives show symptoms of cold, please add 20cc/day and for 7 days in order to enhance immunity against flu virus. When staying outdoors, it is  necessary to put on a mask to reduce the possibility of catching a cold.

How to deal with fever?

For general patients affecting severe diseases, the most frequently ignored and most physically influential feature is the fever accompanied with a cold. In addition to increasing the dose of TXL as mentioned above, it is strongly advised to visit medical professionals for resolving a fever. Long-term fever may cause the immune system to lose its balance and that alone is worth particular attention. As the symptoms of fever lessen, it is still necessary to visit a clinic for a follow-up diagnosis and prior routine review.People below the average standard of health may generally get colds or a fever 3-4 times/ year, which indicates a deteriorated status of the autoimmune functions. Besides taking care of daily routines and such as diet and exercise, patients can also choose the TXL for illness prevention and health preservation. If you experience continuous fevers which cannnot be alleviated through increased fluid intake and rest, it is necessary for to visit a hospital for further examination, even if the fevers are low-grade.