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What is TXL 180 Program?

TXL 180 Program is a member rewards program:


1. What is TXL 180 Program?
TXL 180 Program is a member rewards program to encourage customer to consume the product for 180 consecutive days to acquire a better result.
Drink 3 bottles each day until you have accumulated 8 boxes, and then you will receive the “Buy 1 Free 1” offer.


2. Why should TXL 180 Program be implemented effectively?

First step: The important 180 days to coordinate your body and mind, and fill your heart with warmth and love. (This could be customized according to each individual.) Second step: During the important first 5 years, you should live a healthy life to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Cancer is usually caused by 8-13 years of unhealthy life style. To rehabilitate, it is essential for the patient to go through two stages: timely treatment an long-term nursing.

After the regular treatment plan in hospital is completed, the patient should start an integrated alternative rehabilitation plan timely. This helps to build a healthy foundation for the body, restore vitality, activate normal cells, regulate immunity, handle 
residual abnormal cells and nurse the internal body back to normal.

And, it helps to improve blood circulation in limbs during treatment, recover appetite, regain weight, exhilarate vitality and fill the heart with the joy of living a passionate life. It allows you to nourish the body with a peaceful, gentle and relieved mind, as well as be an independent person with strong internal strength.


3. Why should I drink 3 bottles each day?

1. This suggested dosage is based on the standard dosage recommendation proposed by National Taiwan University after clinical trials on human test subjects are carried out.
2. 3 bottles each day (60ml/day): TXL has been tested and proven that the greater the dosage the better the effect.
3. For those who are very weak: For the first 3-7 days: 4 times each day at 9am/3pm/6pm/9pm, each time half bottle (10ml). After 7 days, 3 times each day at 9am/3pm/9pm, each time 1 bottle (20ml).
4. The effect is more stable and significant if taken consecutively.

Reference: The relevant clinical trial research on human test subjects carried out by National Taiwan University was published on the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Hindawi Publishing Corporation)


4. How to be part of TXL 180 Program?
You may first sign up at and then submit the TXL 180 QR Code (For more details please visit
Call customer service 03-91722980 to complete a registration and submit the TXL 180 QR Code


5. There is a TXL 180 sticker collection card in the envelope, what is the purpose of the card?
TXL 180 sticker collection card works as a record for customer (each card is allowed to collect 8 TXL QR stickers), but the final decision will be based on the member‘s online system record.


6. Must I participate in this TXL 180 Program?
We encourage you to be our registered TXL member in order to receive latest news and promotion notification.


7. After I have purchased 8 boxes of TXL, how do I redeem the “Buy 1 Free 1” offer?
Visit your TXL distributor and show them your sms redemption code.


8. Is there a ‘TXL sticker’ in each box (60 bottles) of TXL?
Yes. In each 60 bottles/box pack, there is an envelope contains the following items:
(a) TXL 180QR sticker: 1 (Each 60 bottles/TXL box = 1 sticker)
(b) Description of TXL 180 Program: 1 copy
(c) TXL sticker collection card: 1


9. If the ‘TXL sticker’ is lost or damaged, and the number is unreadable, what should I do?
Please call 03-91722980 immediately


10. If I do not purchase the 9th box of TXL, what will happen?
If you do not purchase the 9th box of TXL, you are not eligible for the “Buy 1 Free 1”, regardless of the reason.


11. Is TXL member account transferable or shareable?
To avoid any possible issues, we do not encourage our members to share with or transfer the TXL account to a stranger or a friend, but we do encourage you to share your TXL account number with your family.


12. Is there any time limit for this TXL180 Program?
TXL180 Program is valid until 31st December 2018.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. This TXL180 Program is launched nationally by Tombo Health Care Center, the sole distributor of TXL in Malaysia.
  2. Valid from 01/07/2017 to 31/12/2018. Only for Malaysia.
  3. The free gift specified in this plan is the standard TXL. All gifts are not redeemable for cash.
  4. If the recipient decides to waive the redemption, he/she will lose all and any rights relevant to the gift, and the gift shall be dealt with by Tombo.
  5. Only online purchase record is valid for TXL180 Program. Those who do not comply with the rules are not accepted.
  6. Goods sold are not returnable.
  7. The Company reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the Plan either in an individual case or in general, at any time without notice.


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How to participate in TXL 180 program? (step by step procedure)


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