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05 Synergistic Power: The “Synergy” Found in Chinese Herbal Medicines.

Various synthetic collections to produce “the synergistic power”.


About the secrets and the energy of Chinese herbal medicine, I have consulted with my other attending doctor, Dr. Zhen Guo Wang, the discoverer of the anticancer compound Chinese medicine TXL. 

Dr. Zhen Guo Wang said, “Chinese medicine uses various synthetic collections to produce “the synergistic power” with amazing efficacy. Therefore, the crude drug combinations which it deploys produce the synergistic power that is the main feature and greatest power of TCM.


So, what kinds of synergistic power does TXL have when combined with botanical herbs to produce anticancer effects?

First, let’s understand the differences between how Western and Chinese medicine are made, before we go further into Dr. Wang’s explanation. When we understand it, we should be able to realize that TCM is not an “untrustworthy medicine” as Western doctors have claimed!


The following is a concise explanation of the different methods by which Western and Chinese medicines are made:

◆ Western medicines: Most of them are synthetic chemicals and the drugs are made with a single substance. They possess strong pharmacological effects for single diseases and single symptoms, therefore, Western medicines belong to the “single-form”production method. 

◆Chinese medicines: Principally, these medicines use two or more natural crude drugs to formulate compositions. They contain many substances to target the full array of diseases and symptoms, therefore, Chinese medicines belong to the “complex-form”production method.


Thus, Western medicines are very effective for single-form diseases, such as superficial wounds/injuries and infections. Chinese medicines are better for working on tumors whose causes we are unable to verify through examinations and complex chronic cutaneous diseases such as allergies. In other words, Chinese medicines are more suitable for systemic physique-related diseases.


For example, Crowdipper (or Pinellia ternata) is a kind of crude drug that has the effect of expelling dampness. Crowdipper blossoms in summer, it is a plant of the Araceae family. The Crowdipper stems possess the pharmacological effects of strengthening the functions of the stomach and dispelling lung phlegm.


The combination of Crowdipper, Ramulus Cinnamomi, Schisandra chinensis and Asarum (Manchurian Wildginger) takes action as an antitoxin for treating coughs. When a composition is formulated from Crowdipper with Bupleurum, Ginseng and Radix Glycyrrhizae (licorice), it is an antiemetic drug, which has the effect of preventing vomiting. Different deployments have different efficacies based on the unlimited combination of ingredients. For people who are used to single-form conventional drugs, Chinese medicine is a little bit strange. Consequently, Chinese medicine is always considered to be “unfounded” or “doubtful”. In fact, Chinese medicines are the deployment of complex-form drugs that obtain the synergistic power, which has hidden power that is impossible to estimate. 


Sekine Susumu

Chairman of SlowHealth Research Association

Chief Editor of Life Guide Book

Professor Emeritus of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, China


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