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01 Self-healing power: The Best Medicine

 I was filled with heroic faith and courage. 


“From his healing power to self-healing power” ── the new idea of “lifeology”

Nevertheless, I knew two caring and friendly physicians. Their ideas and prescriptions were different from the physicians at the medical schools in the University Hospitals. One was the TXL developer, Dr. ZhenGuo Wang. The other one was the inventor of “SOD Series Food”, Dr. Yukie (Kozo) Niwa. The hospitals where both physicians worked were far away from Tokyo. I also had my friends and my family’s help and support, so I could pass through these predicaments. They constantly gave me encouragement: “Susumu, take it easy. Relax! You will be fine.” “You are such a good person; God will bless you.” So many people sent me their encouragement and kind support so that I could overcome numerous long nights in unbearable pain, as well as fearful nightmares. On top of that, I added Chinese herbal medicine to invigorate my body. My health improved day by day. Finally, I could have a normal daily routine, the same as I have before I become ill.


 (Dr. Obitsu Ryoichi)


I had a friend, who is also in the media, introduced me to a doctor. Even though he was a surgeon, he was so familiar with Chinese herbal medicine and similar alternative therapies. He was the founder of Holistic Medicine, Dr. Obitsu Ryoichi. His appearance was so good-natured. When I dragged with my illness and in panic, ran to him, he told me: “There are many types of treatments. Let’s plan your life strategy together!" On the other side of things, he deployed Chinese herbal medicine for me. It made me feel so relieved and relaxed. I thought: “I need to plan my own life strategy and be sure to win this battle for life.”


Mr. Obitsu not only used his spare time to tell patients not to rely only on Western medicine to solve all problems, he also employed various types of treatments from Chinese medicine and homeopathic medicine. Each patient had the right to choose their treatment. Furthermore, everyone should own wisdom and the ability to combine these therapies in order to increase their own “vitality power”. From the prospective of rousing patients, I was happy to learn the principles of “lifeology”. Especially for cancer patients who are easily emotional, it could bring unexpected vigor and energy.


An Era Where You Are On Your Own

The basic characteristics of Chinese herbal medicine are different from Western medicine. Western medicine treats patients by using scalpels or the potency of strong medicines; external elements to cure diseases. TCM does not work in this way. TCM treatments are focused on balancing the body’s system (body and mind) as a whole and inducing the natural healing power that human beings originally owned. In a simple way, Western medicine uses chemicals “to cure ills with poison” (以毒攻毒)while Chinese herbal medicines “let the body restore its naturopathic self-healing power”.


If you look at a pharmaceutical company's website via the Internet, the drug Cisplatin is used in treating esophageal cancer, and the drug Gemzar is used in treating pancreatic cancer, and both are classified in the “poison category”. This is the reason patients cannot stand the pain caused by these anticancer drugs. In causing side effects and sequelae, and in severe situations, the drugs will damage other organs. If it is over-treatment, it may even cause cancer recurrence and metastasis.


In particular there are many "cancer refugees" and "wandering patients"; nowadays Japan is being called a “longevity but failed” country. So I thought that if you depend on the doctors in hospitals completely, you will not be able to open up to your second life.   


The media has evoked images of advanced technologies such as gene therapy, endoscopic surgery, particle beam radiation therapy, endovascular therapy and a therapy for killing cancer stem cells. But the number of cancer deaths has been increasing. Why? We thought that modern medicine was omnipotent, but in fact, no one can understand the truth of cancer. That is why there are no new drugs or a decisive therapy. Even with anticancer drugs, the current effeciency rate is only about 20% (the five-year survival rate is 20 out of 100 people).


“You Will Take Good Care of Your Own Life.”

The shortcut to prolonging vitality is the power of the cancer patient: now it is time for “his healing power” to shift to “self-healing power”. From the patient's perspective, in the vast, massive field of medicine, whether Eastern or Western, there are a lot of life options. When you choose the best type of treatment, you will be able to change your destiny. It is actually like rewriting your own life-formula to create a better result. People have the God-given power to have the right to create their destiny. For me, I am working hard to write my own life-formula. I have pulled myself back from the brink of death, and have returned to the road to rebirth. I have proven that I did not waste all my hard work and effort. I did it! I have successfully lived for ten years without surgery. My health, my great spirit and strength are not worse than before I had cancer.


Perhaps it is ironic, but now there are many cancer patients on the hospital wards who want to survive; they receive surgery and anticancer drugs, as well as Chinese herbal medicine and health food. This phenomenon is growing. I believe that not only do they receive external treatment, more importantly, they can make good use of their inherent “naturopathic self-healing power”. Women are particularly sensitive to beauty, detox, reduction of pressure and disease prevention. They not only make use of traditional Chinese medicine, brown rice cuisine, qigong, yoga and other methods, but today, using aromatherapy, plant therapy and meditation therapy have also become popular.




Now is the generation of treatment therapy transferred to healing therapy ── In this era, where people have longevity but are prone to unknown and severe diseases, we are looking for a better, humanized “lifeology”.


“Treat”「治」and “Heal”「癒」have the prime, original meaning of “Treatment” 「治疗」.   The word “Heal” 「癒」 has a radical of “Heart” 「心」. I believe that “Healing Therapy” 「癒」 has indicated, since ancient times, the important characteristics that reconcile physical and mental energy. Mr. Obitsu, in his book, makes the following simple explanation about the importance of self-healing power:    


We originally thought that hospitals were the places where medical personnel should perform medical technology-related “treatment”. I personally think that they also need to execute a module of “regimen and healing”, both of which can enhance the inherent naturopathic self-healing power of human beings. The only difference is that “regimen” is a self-process; and “healing” refers to the behaviour of others. That means that healing plus a regimen approach is equal to “self-healing power”. It is the best kind of good medicine that can increase a cancer patient's recovery energy.  



Sekine Susumu

Chairman of SlowHealth Research Association

Chief Editor of Life Guide Book

Professor Emeritus of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, China


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