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06 Tian Xian power: Validation Experiments

TXL has been repeatedly tested for its pharmacological effects...


“Tian Xian power” is a very common phrase, often used in recent Chinese science fiction. (Tian Xian are Chinese characters, referring to the gods in Chinese myths.) It indicates the presence of the incredible vitality of life energy in nature. Dr. ZhenGuo Wang explained, “TXL was named for the substances of two crude drugs: Trichosanthes kirilowii (Chinese name: Tian Hua Fen) (that has antibacterial and anti-tumor effects) and Chinese clematis (Chinese name: Wei Ling Xian) (that has analgesic and anti-tumor effects). By using one character from each crude drug, the phrase became “Tian Xian”.

    (Trichosanthes kirilowii)

  (Chinese clematis)


How was the power of TXL innovated through scientific methods? I have asked what the secrets of TXL are, in this new anticancer compound Chinese medicine form, and how they relate “anticancer efficacy = Tian Xian power”.


Q : Generally, TCM is considered to be non-scientific medicine, what do you think?

Dr. ZhenGuo Wang: Now the biggest problem with using TCM to treat cancer is that it is unstandardized and still has far to go to reach the advancement and development of modern scientific technology. Under these circumstances, although patients pay expensive medical fees, QOL (quality of life) is not improved and respectively, survival rates decline. I thought that there could be no miserable situation worse than this, right?

We need to change the old water-boiling extraction method in order to improve the therapeutic effects of Chinese herbal medicines and TCM. We can apply modern scientific techniques in TCM, using different extractions to draw out the active compounds. This way, we can avoid wasting herbal materials; we can also increase the medicinal value of the herbs and their effects on clinical trials.

We all know that crude drugs are being grown across the country (China). They contain different active compounds due to factors at the various growing places of their origin. Moreover, the pharmaceutical effects will change, depending on the parts of the herbs being used. If different extractions are used, the efficacies of the crude drugs will be different too. So, medicinal effects may have big variations. Therefore, in order to effectively extract the active compounds from crude drugs, we have to use scientific technology to precisely extract the different active compounds, according to the medicinal substances required.



For example, consider the extraction method for crude drugs that contain alkaloids. Alkaloids stimulate the immune system, and promote phagocytosis of macrophages in immune tissues within the body; cancer cells are then unable to grow. Generally, alkaloids are considered effective for treating cancer. However, these anticancer ingredients are difficult to extract with water, and grain alcohol must be used instead. In addition, Ginseng contains Ginseng Saponin, which is a synthetic compound of polysaccharides, bonded through the agency of enzymes. Therefore, various extractions will bring about different effects.

Now, almost all Chinese anticancer drugs are labelled “secret recipe” or “family remedy”. Even commercial Chinese anticancer medicinal products are dubbed “miraculous medicines” and “magic pills”. I need to say and emphasize that none of the other Chinese anticancer drugs can compare with TXL, which is the anticancer compound Chinese medicine that has been repeatedly tested and researched for its pharmacological effects, and has continually been proven by large-scale clinical trials. Its effectiveness is highly recognized by the Chinese government, and it is the first traditional Chinese medicine identified as an anticancer medicinal product. Indeed, TXL is the anticancer compound Chinese medicine innovated by scientific methods.


What is the Secret of “TXL= Integrative Power”? Ingredients? Anticancer Effects?

Q : What kinds of botanical herbs are in TXL? What are the kinds of compositions used?

Dr. ZhenGuo Wang: Almost all the crude drug ingredients employed in TXL are from the spiritual mountain, Changbai Mountain. This is a famous and well-known “herbal treasury” in northeast China. In the past, Changbai Mountain frequently erupted and was covered with volcanic lava. Therefore, the soil on Changbai Mountain is extremely rich and contains more than twenty kinds of trace elements such as germanium, selenium and manganese. These trace elements are essentials to humans and are potent for improving physical strength, anti-aging, improving fatigue and preventing cancer.




Since ancient times, the natural spring water of Changbai Mountain has been titled a “Fountain of Youth”, and so the locals there have very long lives. The reason for their longevity is probably because they drink the natural spring water gushing from Changbai Mountain. Since the mountain region has excellent quality water, soil and climate, plants (herbs) grow quickly. These are the reasons why Changbai Mountain can grow such high quality botanical herbs.  

Here, I have compiled the integrative effects of TXL into the 4 types listed below:

1. Effect of impeding cancer cells from multiplying

The ingredients of TXL will impede the growth process and proliferation of cancer cells. Substantially, normal cells should generally go through processes of synthesis, such as DNA synthesis, RNA synthesis (see note 1) or protein synthesis. The ingredients in TXL are able to damage/kill cancer cells, and stop cancer cells from dividing and multiplying during synthesis, and induce cancer cells to die naturally.


2. Effect of adjusting metabolism

Metabolism means “the actions by which the protoplasm of cells discharges waste and intakes nutrition”. TXL is able to change the necessary metabolic actions during the proliferation of cancer cells and hinder that proliferation. Simply stated, TXL creates a difficult environment for cancer cells to proliferate.


3. Effect of enhancing immune functions

In Chinese, the term “immunity” means “to avoid and remove disease”. One function of immunity is to eliminate invaders like bacteria, or abnormal cells such as cancer cells within the body. The ingredients of TXL can help T cells, B cells and NK cells function with interferon (that which responds to the invaders, such as viruses and tumor cells, and takes action to secrete protein) in the system. TXL is the crude drug that coordinates and enhances immunity.


4. The effects of trace elements

The botanical herbs of Changbai Mountain contain selenium, germanium and other trace elements. In humans, these important trace elements can not only prevent cancer cells from dividing, they also have properties of inhibiting tumor growth. Selenium supplements can improve the body's antioxidant capacity, and germanium allows blood circulation to flow smoothly and has properties of anti-aging and cancer prevention.


Sekine Susumu

Chairman of SlowHealth Research Association

Chief Editor of Life Guide Book

Professor Emeritus of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, China


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