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05 Synergistic Power: The Impact of Changes of Synergistic Effect

Based on a dialectical observation of “empirical syndromes”. 


More information about [Synergistic Power], I will record my conversation and interview in the following Q&A section with the clinical physician, Dr. Zhen Guo Wang, the most renowned professional of Chinese medicine. I ask for his insights about the botanical herb power and synergistic power in Chinese medicine. How did he develop such a high standard of Chinese medicine in TXL? In the study of botanical herb power and synergistic power in Chinese medicine, where is the future development of Chinese medicine heading? Is it compatible with and heading alongside Western medicine? And I ask about the secret of the crude drug deployment in TXL. 


The Synergistic Effects of Crude Drug Deployment Exert the “Inhibition Function” and a “Lethal Effect” on Cancer Cells

The principle of prescription in Chinese medicine is based on a dialectical observation of “empirical syndromes”. That means viewing a patient’s body as an organic whole, and then prescribing medicine on the basis of the particular diagnosis of each patient. This is characteristic of an individualized prescription. The Chinese medicines that Dr. Obitsu gave me are based on the above principle of formulation. But TXL was developed with a uniquely deployed prescription. Dr. Wang applied Chinese drugs to the concept of Western drugs to develop it, and deployed a drug for all kinds of cancer patients. TXL is made by a general extraction, and it is a commercialized anticancer compound Chinese medicine. Processing Chinese medicine from the individual to the conventional, for much more convenient use. But in this case, some practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine begin to question TXL's pharmacological effects.

In many cases people have refused surgery and switched to taking Chinese medicine, and were finally able to survive and prolong their lives. The reality of the powers of Chinese botanical herbal medicine will allow us to accomplish “No surgery for cancer, you will have 10 more years!”


Q. What are the synergistic powers of crude drug compositions in Chinese medicine?

Dr. Zhen Guo Wang: The study of Chinese medicine has been in progress this year. Different authorities have recognized that the scientific anticancer efficacies carried in crude drugs are comparable with Western medicines. However, single crude drugs cannot have a unilateral desired effect, such as Cordyceps, Lingzhi or Ginseng....... People always say they are effective. It is true that these crude drugs can enhance immunity, inhibit cancer cell reproduction, purify blood and boost physical energy. Indeed, these kinds of crude drugs cannot be unilaterally used to directly hinder cancer cells.

On the other hand, Western medicine does possess significant anticancer effects but its drawback is that it also kills normal cells at the same time. It causes a loss of immunity and as a result, causes various side effects. In other words, it is a "poisonous drug". In contrast, the characteristics of Chinese botanical herbal medicine are that they have relatively mild effects on human beings. Since they are gradually effective, they have less effects.

Most importantly, Chinese medicines will generate different effects based on the different prescriptions composed. When we speak of well-known traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, in general, it means that these practitioners are capable of diagnosing a variety of symptoms and diseases, and employing the right Chinese drugs for a particular case. They are masters of diagnosis. We can say crude drugs are a kind of incredible thing. For example, drugs A and B are crude drugs that have completely opposite effects. When we formulate them at a 1:1 ratio, or add the crude drugs C and D to subtly alter the prescription, it will produce unexpected results. Crude drug effects in Chinese herbal medicine are called the effects of “synergistic power”. By using only a single crude drug, the effect is weak. Once compositions with two or three kinds of crude drugs are prescribed, they can produce excellent results.

Q. Can you tell us the crude drug deployment theory behind TXL and about the practical method?

Dr. Zhen Guo Wang: It is based on “treatment based on syndrome differentiation”; the basic diagnostic and observation theories of TCM determine the formulae of the compositions. But I think that this is not enough. The outstanding therapeutic effects rely on the integration of bio-medicine and pharmacological medicine. To clarify some of the principles with respect to the criteria we've mentioned for the classification of crude drugs, there are three important elements which constitute the body in TCM: The circulation of “qi, blood and fluids (body fluids)”.


In the theories of TCM, if the flow of “qi, blood and fluids” is blocked, all sorts of “empirical syndromes” will appear. In other words, it produces symptoms or disease; the body becomes weak and sick. Therefore, we have selected a set of effective crude drugs in order to make “qi, blood and fluids” flow properly. “Qi” is the vital energy of life, “blood” is the source of nutrients, and “fluids” refer to the bodily fluids and lymph. Therefore, I have classed them into the following four effects:

1. Clear heat and detoxify: these drugs can expel excess heat and inhibit inflammation. They have the effects of dispelling heat and detoxification.

2. Liven the blood and dispel bruises: They clear blockages of the blood and dissolve blood clots.

3. Relieve pain and dissipate blockages: Stop pain, remove blockages of qi, blood and fluids.

4. Strengthen qi function and cultivate the blood: They can enhance the body’s strength and supply nutrition that the blood needs.

These Four Important Elements Contain All the Aspects Necessary for Treating Cancer

Here is the detailed evaluation :

● Clear heat and detoxify: They can quickly dispel excess heat left in the organs and tissues due to surgery and anticancer drugs, and dispel the toxins arising from anticancer drugs and radiotherapy.

● Liven the blood and dispel bruises: Bad blood circulation can cause bruises and visceral dysfunction. Therefore, it is important to clear blood blockages and bruises so that the blood can circulate freely.

● Relieve pain and dissipate blockages: When cancer cells continue to multiply, they put pressure on the nerves and may cause intense pain. While the compound Chinese herbs stop pain, they clear blockages in the blood to improve circulation.

● Strengthen qi function and cultivate blood: They can enhance the body's strength, supply the nutrition that the blood needs and create the strength to fight against cancer.


The Three Important Elements of “Qi, Blood and Fluids” in the Therapy of Chinese Medicine

“Qi, blood and fluids flow and circulate freely” = “Physical and mental health and beauty”

1. Qi: Invisible life energy. Its effect is like that of the autonomic nervous system.

2. Fluids: Refer to saliva, gastric juice, tears, sweat, urine and other body fluids. They have an effect on water metabolism, excretion and immunity.

3. Blood: Blood and nutrients have a circulatory function.

The goal of radiotherapy, anticancer drugs and chemotherapy, is target cancer cells, they also attack normal cells and cause lowered immunity. Moreover, cancer cells multiply uncontrollably and will seize the nutrients that normal cells need, which makes normal cells lose their abilities. Cancer cells will also restrict the functions of the organs. Effectively, this causes deficiencies in immunity and the malnourishment of body parts. When the body declines and fails, the cancer reaches the terminal stage and finally patients meet their end. With the corresponding crude drugs, basically, they are able to gain “substantial strength for fighting cancer”, and exert “the functions and effects that inhibit cancer cells”. That means a rigorous process is used to select crude drugs with an “efficacy in inhibiting and killing cancer cells”, and “with strong beneficial effects for immunity, energy and nutrition to increase the synergistic power.”

In TCM, the theory followed for treating cancer is not a single-target attack on the local cancerous site, but to make "qi, blood and fluids" flow smoothly. The goal of TCM is to adjust the body's imbalanced state by starting from the fundamental source. Based on this holistic treatment and the concept of deploying prescriptions with meticulously individualized compositions, the synergistic effects of botanical herbs can be increased. Functionally, the drugs have not only the power to suppress cancer cells, they also increase the lethality of cancer treatments. This is a fundamental concept of the anticancer compound Chinese medicine TXL.

Dr. Zhen Guo Wang’s idea was being criticized because “Chinese herbal medicines should be deployed based on changing symptoms and physical diagnoses”. Dr. Zhen Guo Wang listed two advancements of innovative technology that TXL employs.

Two advancements of innovative technology: a method of “crude drug ingredient extraction” that can multiply the effects of synergistic efficacy. Plus a “pharmaceutical formation method.”

“One feature of TXL is its instant extraction; it is ready-to-drink without any cooking process. It is convenient and you can take it easily. TXL solves the issue of quality deviation and variation caused by different personal boiling methods. It means that TXL does not have ingredient and/or concentration deviations, and there is strict quality control at each production stage to ensure its efficacy”.

Today, many patients have begun to doubt whether they can rely on the standard treatments of Western medicine in treating their cancer. Accordingly, we are helping, and waiting to see that “not only the micro-perspective of technology in Western medicine is being acted on, we need to add the macro-perspective treatments of TCM to boost the synergistic effects”.

Anyway, I have been taking TXL for the long-term, and the “synergistic effects" of its botanical herb combination, and Dr. Obitsu’s decoctions that were composed according to my changing symptoms, have obtained the synergistic effect for me such that, fortunately, I have been alive for ten years. Of course, it is not chicanery and I do not mean that what I have said is a foolproof therapeutic method for cancer. But I believe that the synergistic power of anticancer compound medicines has been effective for me, and it is definitely a trigger for “No surgery for cancer, you will have 10 more years!”.


The four important aspects of the synergistic power of TXL including:

  1. Relieve pain and dissipate blockages
  2. Liven the blood and dispel bruises
  3. Clear heat and detoxify
  4. Strengthen qi function and cultivate the blood


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Professor Emeritus of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, China


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