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Comprehensive summary of the effectiveness of TXL

TXL(Tian Xian Liquid) may have the following various functions: 

Comprehensive summary of the effectiveness of TXL


From the scientific experiments mentioned above about noted the previously successful cases of Tian Xian Liquid proven in clinical application, we may conclude that the related basis formed by the experimental evidence to indicate that Tian Xian Liquid may have the following various functions: the third point until the twelfth point have sufficiently addressed the fact that Tian Xian Liquid can be very effective for tackling on a variety of human cancer with anti-cancer effects on more than ten targets. It is the most typical multi-molecular target anti-cancer Chinese herbal medicine.

1. Enhancing Immunomodulation Function

Its functions include activating the macrophage’ phagocytic function of the reticuloendothelial system, increasing lymphocyte transformation rate, and promoting lymphatic activation and extending lymphocyte longevity, enhancing the “cytotoxicity” of killer T cells, promoting the generation and gene expression of cytokines, such as interleukin-1 Beta, 6, 8, 10, 12 and tumor necrosis factor- α. It may also enhance natural killer cell activity, promote new spleen cells production, accelerate hematopoietic tissue nucleic acid synthesis, and promote functional recovery of human blood of raise the number of leucocytes. Tian Xian Liquid therefore can effectively regulate the Immunomodulation Function so that the immune system can effectively swallow or alternatively poison and kill cancer cells in order to achieve the objective of regulating immune system functions comprehensively. 

2. Enhancing Regulation of Physiological Functions

Every individual herbal element of Tian Xian Liquid has been proven in the previous physiological research to have possible effective results including regulating the central nervous system to improve the activity of glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) and erythrocyte superoxide dismutase (SOD), conducting anti-oxidation processes effectively, scavenging free radical, alleviating aging effects. It also effectively combats liver fibrosis, improve pulmonary fibrosis, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-hepatitis B virus replication activity, and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as reduces blood sugar, facilitates digestion, helps with sleep, and eases pain. The ingredient of Tian Xian Liquid is used in traditional Chinese herbal medication functions for reducing fever by detoxification, eliminating congestion by enhancing blood circulation, softening stiffness and smoothing clogs, relieving pain by facilitating circulation, nourishing blood by supplementing nutritious elements and maintaining biological balance by compensation so that it may reach the purpose of regulating physiological functions by upholding positive elements while excluding negative factors. 

3. Physiological Function Modulation

There are many side effects caused by traditional radiation and chemotherapy that can be significantly alleviated by Tian Xian Liquid. Particularly, Tian Xian Liquid may effectively activate adenosine monophosphate (AMP)- dependent Kinase, which is closely associated with the promotion of appetite. It may possibly explain why the users of Tian Xian Liquid may advance cachexia condition caused by loss of appetite after treatment thereby also improving human digestion, helping with weight gain, and enhancing muscles thus protecting bodily functions. 

4. Awakening the Tumor Suppressor Gene (Epigenetic Modification)

Cancer is literally a genetic disease. In many occurrences o cancer, they are simply caused by gene 1 in patients’ bodies that fail to suppress the growth of cancer cells by functioning improperly. Tian Xian Liquid has been proven by various experiments to possible stimulate the tumor suppression gene and therefore enhance its expression so that it inhibits the growth of cancer cells. 

5. Inducing Benign Cancer by Differentiation Induction

In a current study on targeted therapy, activation of PPAR-γ target is highly related to inducing cancer cells towards becoming benign by differentiation. It has been confirmed by experiments that Tian Xian Liquid can effectively activate such targets that may subsequently induce cancer cell differentiation towards becoming benign thereby reducing malignant cancers. 

6. Inducing Benign Cancer Apoptosis by Apoptosis Induction

Apoptosis is the process of cells taking the initiative to end their own life by activating a self-destruct program in certain physiological conditions. Cancer cells may rely on some disorders of such apoptosis process so that they may survive in harsh environments. This is the reason why chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy may ineffective in eliminating cancer cells. This is simply due to the cancer cells’ unusual apoptosis mechanism. Tian Xian Liquid may effectively induce apoptosis in a variety of human cancer cells but in no circumstance hurt normal cells. 

7. Inhibiting Cancer Growth and Promoting Apoptosis by Cell Cycle Regulation

Cell Cycles, from DNA replication to cell division, are subject to strict monitoring in each period of the transition. Such a control mechanism is called the cell cycle checkpoint. The completeness and accuracy of the DNA in the transmission for each cell will be verified in these checkpoints. These checkpoints are composed by a series of protein. Some may bind with damaged DNA and others are, in essence, kinase that performs the function of delivering messages. The final cell response is achieve by a number of functional proteins. Cells affecting cancer will certainly be the most serious consequence, should any disorder happen in the cell cycle. Tian Xian Liquid may effectively regulate the relative functional proteins and kinase that blocks the progress of the cancer cell’s growth cycle and stops their dividing thereby leading to their eventual apoptosis. 

8. Confining Cancer Protein Activity by Signal Transduction Inhibition

The signal transduction for normal cells is complex and active, but cancer cells often rely on the sustained activation of oncoprotein, thereby creating a feedback mechanism to suppress other unwanted or unnecessary signal transduction. Subsequently, it may result in over-reliance on an oncoprotein called Oncogene Addiction. This is literally the Achilles heel of cancer cells that should be attacked; otherwise, cancer cells will acquire drug resistance from the treatment of anti-cancer medications. Tian Xian Liquid has been verified by experiments to inhibit the protein activity of cancer cells’ signal transduction in a way that eliminated the proliferation of the cancer cells. It therefore produces the additional effect of reducing the drug resistance of cancer cells. 

9. Resisting Cancer Invasion and Metastasis

From the primary site of a tumor, cancer cells or cancer stem cells that are capable of erosion will invade surrounding tissues, either on an adjacent portion called local invasion or upon reaching other remote sites through blood vessels or lymphatic vessels. In such cases, the cancer cells become malignant in a process called metastasis that hard to cure simply by surgery. According to the statistics, about 90% of cancer deaths are caused by the metastasis of cancer cells. The loss of the fibroblast tissue inhibitor of factoring capabilities may cause secretion of protein enzymes, including MMP (matrix metalloproteinase), and begin to decompose in the surrounding tissue matrix MMP. This allows the cancer cells to travel throughout the human body with no restrictions. Tian Xian Liquid can inhibit protein expression of MMP thus preventing cancer invasion and metastasis. 

10. Treating with Anti-Angiogenesis

When a tumor is initially formed, cancer cells draw nutrients from the capillaries. As it becomes larger, some cancer cells cannot acquire nutrients from the surrounding capillaries since their location are too far away. These cancer cells therefore need to facilitate production of new capillaries in a process called angiogenesis in order to sustain its further growth. At this point the tumor will produce a substance, such as pro angiogenesis factor to promote the growth of new blood vessels with the tumor. Cancer cells can be also use these blood vessels and the blood circulator system to move to other organs. Inhibiting cancer cells by preventing angiogenesis is an important step in being able to cure cancer. Tian Xian Liquid has an excellent performance record in inhibiting the pathological angiogenesis effect. 

11. Eliminating Cancer Stem Cells to Circumvent Cancer Recurrence

Given the super vitality of the cancer stem cell, it may seem to be an evil that never fades away. General tumor cells will be eliminated by chemotherapy or radiation therapy, yet, it is hard to clear cancer stem cells. Tian Xian Liquid is more effective in eliminating cancer stem cells than many commonly used chemotherapy medications. This is in line with what Dr. Ryoichi Obitsu, President of the Japanese Holistic Medical Society, has concluded from his many studies. Patients who take Tian Xian Liquid have a far lower recurrence rate than one who never takes this medication. 

12. Reducing the Drug Resistance of Cancer Cells and Increasing the Sensitization of Radiation and Chemotherapy

Tian Xian Liquid may effectively reduce the drug resistance of cancer cells and increase the sensitization of radiation and chemotherapy while reducing the dosage of radiation therapy. It may not only enhance the effectiveness of radiotherapy but also reduce the side effects of radiotherapy at the same time. It may be the key to integrating the properties and purposes of all adjuvant therapy measures.


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