Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Awards & Certification

(1) The Drug Dictionary C-88275 was officially issued to THL-P by the U.S. National Cancer Institute, NCI and the institute also defined its medical efficacy


(2) Published 16 research papers in medical journals, with clinical trial experiences, and 24 scientific experimental research findings


(3) Stringent quality control of Tian Xian Liquid Ensuring quality stabilization


(4) TXL has been registered with the Food and Drug Administration under Ministry of Public Health Malaysia as Traditional Medicine:  MAL09072817TCR


(5) Malaysia Health & Wellness BRAND AWARDS 2017: Tombo Enterprise Sdn Bhd & TXL were nominated and awarded for CSR category and Chinese Medicine category


(6) Participation in Charity Events

International Rehabilitation of Cancer Association (IRCA) took six months to collect true stories of “TXL.” These articles tell us of a trilogy; which stands for the fear when they learn they get cancer, the difficulty of treating cancer, and the gratefulness when they regain new life. We deeply believe that every patient’s longing for life is the truest and the most touching story. Therefore, you can play “the leading character” during the process of treatment to encourage not only others but also yourselves; to love somebody is to love yourselves. The time of life may be different; some are long, others are short, but the value of life can be upgraded from “mortal” to “immortal” for your bravery




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